Company - DINO LIMITI - Winemaker - Marino (Roma) - Wines Lazio - Italy

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The company Dino Limiti has been handed down from father to son for more generations and has a long experience in the traditional method of vine processing, but it also combines modern knowledge and winemaking techniques that allow it to produce a wine of high quality, also known abroad. The product has a differentiated collection depending on the ripeness of the different grapes, is put to mature for a few months in steel containers and then bottled, obtaining that pleasant flavor and aroma that goes well with all types of dishes.
Marino, a town rich in history, remembered in particular for its link with the Colonna family as early as the fifteenth century, is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani, always surrounded by vineyards. The wine production of Marino is of ancient memory, in fact the territory of Marino is particularly fertile and, not surprisingly, in Marino itself, the famous "Grape Festival" has been celebrated for many decades during which the fountains give wine.
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